Fiesta Fans
Ideal for influencers, adult creators, athletes, artists…
1. Monthly and quarterly Subscription
2. Earn by minute with Private Live Stream
3. Charge extra for super-exclusive content
4. Get tips
5. Sell your own merch
6. Earn with Public Live Stream
+ Referral Program:
  • Refer a new Star and earn 5% of all their earnings for an entire year
  • Refer a new Fan and earn 1% of all they spend for an entire year
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Simply create a Fan account, use your referral link and invite new Stars to Fiesta Fans Earn 5% of the entire amount they earn for a year, without spending any time and effort. Withdraw your earnings anytime.
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What is Fiesta Fans?

Fiesta Fans is a subscription social platform for creators to connect with their fans and earn. It offers more features and earning options than any other platform.

Is there any earning limit?

No, there are no limits. You’ll get paid as much as you earn. With FiestaFans you take up to 86% of your earnings.

Can anybody become a Star on Fiesta Fans?

Absolutely! It’s free to join and if you believe your content is attractive for fans, you can make success! FiestaFans is ideal for creators who already have followers on social media, such as influencers, adult creators, athletes, artists…

How much can I make as a Star Manager?

It depends on how many Stars you refer and how successful they become. For example if you refer 10 Stars and each earns $4000/mo on average, you’ll earn $2000 a month – which is an amazing passive income – all you do is send your referral link!