About Zimi Home Spa

Zimi Home Spa is the most functional and the most equipped platform in the world for booking spa services on demand. The platform connects people who need a spa treatment with local spa professionals. Our simple, 60-second booking process, secure payment system, in-app communication tools as well as professional support, make Zimi Home Spa the easiest and the most trusted way to book spa services.

Our Story

The Zimi Home platform was launched in 2020 as a practical solution to a long-standing issue: finding top-quality spa professionals who provide services at the client’s address, and booking an appointment faster and easier.
Clients can find everything they need with Zimi Home Spa: local professionals for any spa service they need, practitioners’ bios as well as ratings and reviews from previous Clients. They can see all the prices listed for each service and can book an appointment exactly when their chosen professional is available. No need to ask around, search on Google or even make a phone call.

On the other hand, spa professionals have always struggled with attracting more Clients. Most of them don’t have knowledge in professional marketing and advertising and even if they do, it requires a substantial investment. Young and less experienced professionals face an even bigger problem – competing with established practitioners and fighting for Clients. Zimi Home Spa represents a perfect solution – brings dozens of new Clients daily to all practitioners, without them having to do any advertising, plus it provides them with complete statistics of their jobs and earnings. Moreover, Zimi Home Spa Clients are not just any Clients. These are top quality, trusted Clients who also get rated and reviewed by practitioners on the platform.

Everyone needs a spa treatment, whether more or less often. Our goal is: every cellphone owner having the Zimi Home Spa app installed, so that they can save time and money and live a higher quality lifestyle.